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I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.

Ephesians 4: 1
The quest for life purpose and meaning can be sought out in many things, but God is the only source of truly lasting fulfillment.  LifeQuest uses five areas of spiritual focus to help guide and encourage people in their lifelong journey with God and in their daily walk with Jesus.

These five LifePursuits are:
  • Worship      God with your entire life
  • Connect      with others in church family
  • Grow            in your love and devotion to God
  • Serve          God by serving others
  • Share          the love and good news of Jesus
Whether you are new in your Christian walk or have been walking with Jesus your entire life, you can be assured that God is not wanting you to stand still.   Some of these LifePursuits may be familiar, some of them may be new to you.   God may be calling you to use your strengths in one area to serve Him and disciple others, or He may be calling you to stretch yourself and discover Him through a new or less familiar LifePursuit.

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