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We fear failure more than we love life, so we refuse the great adventures.
We are careful to do only what we have done and know how to do well, so we
never break the dull repetition of the old routine for the new creation of God.

C.S. Lewis

The second step in the LifeChange process is EXPLORING where God desires for you to grow in your relationship with Him and to develop into a mature follower of Jesus.  Spiritual growth occurs when we experience God in new ways and learn to trust Him to complete His good work in us.

LifePaths are designed to help you explore new ways to grow and develop in your journey with God.  Using LifePaths, you will be able to explore each of the five LifePursuits and learn of books, studies and experiences that will help you grow in your lifelong journey of faith.

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After you have explored LifePaths, we encourage you to take the next step in LifeChange process by mapping a LifePlan for your personal growth.