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a real LifeQuest story...

My name is Jason Gillespie.  I began my journey through LifeQuest a couple of years ago and I was not at all sure what to expect.  Right away, I saw the potential benefits of LifeQuest.  I was wanting to grow in my spiritual life and I saw it was going to help me accomplish this.  I have taken some spiritual gifts assessments in the past, so I was familair with tools like the LifeSurveys.

The Spiritual Walk LifeSurvey helped me identify some areas in my spiritual life that I was weaker.  It has helped me focus my involvement in ministry areas where I am more likely to benefit the Kingdom.  I am always intrigued to see how my gifts have developed, and some have changed.

I was fairly new to the church I was attending, so to have the opportunity to have an individual (my LifeCoach) walk beside me in the LifeQuest process and help me to grow in my spiritual walk was exciting. That was one of the things that I felt was missing from my life at that time.  H
aving someone to help me build a spiritual growth plan (LifePlan) has been great.  This gave me a sense of accountability, as well as helped me figure out what goals were achievable, but would also stretch me. 

Having a LifePlan has really improved my life as a spiritual leader, my giving, my service, and my personal relationship with Jesus. My relationships with other Christians have also grown as a result of LifeQuest.

Jason Gillespie,
Indianapolis, IN

Jason Gillespie
Indianapolis, IN